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Call Us Today!
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The Keys to the Outcome of Your Case

What will the judge want to know?

What will the prosecution's next move be?

How will the jury respond to my defense?

The answers to these questions will control the outcome of your case. And these questions can best be answered only by an attorney with decades of actual experience as a Criminal Court Judge, Criminal Prosecutor and Criminal Defense Attorney.

Brad Priebe has presided over, prosecuted and defended tens of thousands of criminal, traffic and juvenile court cases and has actual jury trial experience in all major case areas including Homicides, Sex Offenses, Drug Cases, Computer Crimes, Arson, Thefts, Conspiracies, Crimes Against Children, White Collar Crimes, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Delinquency, OWI and all manner of Traffic Offenses.

Brad has also handled thousands of cases involving first-time offenders of all ages in all types of cases: from felonies to speeding tickets and everything in between. As a result, he knows how to achieve the Dismissals, Deferred Adjudications, Expungments and Arrest Record Purges that can save a career or even a future.

If you or someone you care about has been accused of wrongdoing, the fear of the unknown and the threat of punishment and public humiliation can be overwhelming. The criminal law is very complicated and constantly changing, and the price of being unprepared can be devastating. Don’t let this happen to you.

At Priebe Law Office, LLC, our success is measured not only by our experience and ability, but by the unusually successful outcomes we consistently achieve for our clients.

Let us help. It’s what we do.

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